My Vision

We love the reactions we get when we tell people “we’re from Kaysville.” I’m committed to ensuring Kaysville remains the best place to live, work, and play.

I will always put Kaysville first and lead by strengthening relationships within our city, with neighboring cities, and with our county and state leadership.  As an empty-nester, I have the time to focus and listen to our resident’s concerns. As a leader, I rely on the diverse expertise of everyone who wants to contribute to solutions.   As a former planning commissioner and current city council member, I reach out to our community to engage in conversations and share information. I make informed decisions based upon the needs of our community and the ordinances that govern Kaysville.

Current Issues Facing Kaysville


I live off Sunset Drive in Kaysville which means I drive on 200 North multiple times a day.  During peak hours, I find myself frustrated and annoyed like everyone else trying to get from point A to point B, as we attempt to exit I-15 and turn onto 200 North and as we attempt to enter the freeway.   As a city council, we’re working with UDOT  to solve these problems. The data we have indicates that 200 North traffic will decrease by about 30% after the West Davis Corridor and Hwy 89 projects complete.  However even though this will help reduce traffic, we are working together to create solutions to move the traffic. On Main Street, there are parking shortages which create challenges for local businesses. During peak hours Main Street is busy. I’m committed to doing everything possible to increase accessibility to our historic main street.  I would like to see locally owned restaurants, and boutique shopping. As a council member I’m encouraging the current Mayor to create a Main Street Economic Development Committee which put boots on the ground to identify which types of businesses we want to attract to our commercial areas.   Solving our traffic problems on 200 North and Main Street require diplomacy, industry knowledge, collaboration, and most importantly established relationships. This world we live in is relationship based. It takes years to cultivate friendships, establish mutual respect and understand the processes. As your Mayor I’ve spent years doing just that.


There are politically correct ways to discuss growth. I’m going to discuss the ‘elephant in the room’ rather than dance around it.  Many here in Kaysville think ‘growth’ is positive. Our kids want to live here, our parents want to downsize and stay here…yet everything is expensive and we have limited undeveloped land.  Others see ‘growth’ as negative. It means change,  more traffic, more people and more cars parked in neighborhoods. It’s a touchy subject yet we need to have a plan in place because it’s happening.  People want to live in our town.  Almost every Planning Commission Meeting has a  re-zone request. People want to use their property and ask Planning Commission to make a ‘best-use’ recommendations based upon the property owners request. The State Legislature just passed a law that requires every neighborhood (even those protected by an HOA) to allow Interior Accessory Dwelling Units (IADU)’s on owner occupied properties. There are several other caveats to this law but generally speaking they will be allowed.  As a City Council we’ve approved an IADU Ordinance that allows the City to add restrictions to this State Law.   We will continue to see State Legislation that dictates our Zoning Ordinances in every city in Utah.   Growth needs to be planned. Infrastructure needs to be in place. Ordinances must be created to protect our neighborhoods and cities.

Economic Development:

My husband and I have built several very successful companies from the ground up. I’m actively involved in the daily operations of each company. I’ve worn many hats during our early years.   We have employees working in multiple states from Washington DC to Hawaii. I understand how business works I know what it takes to create a viable and sustainable economic environment.  Economic Development looks different post pandemic…the world is changing. Remote business models are successful, shipping and logistics is quickly replacing brick and mortar. Here in Kaysville we have a diverse, tech-savvy community where anything is possible. As Mayor I’ll continue to work with Community Development to increase support for businesses of all types that want to be in Kaysville.  This is accomplished by ordinances that encourage and welcome businesses of all size, and models.  We grow economic opportunities by working with Private Industry, Schools, Local Businesses and by reaching out to people that want to do business in Kaysville. This collaboration is most successful by leveraging existing relationships  that support economic opportunities locally and regionally.


Years ago, Kaysville decided to be a ‘bedroom community.’  The infrastructure was designed to support this General Plan.  Four years ago, Kaysville City decided to hire a company which specializes in Master Planning and Strategic Visioning. The job of the firm Kaysville City hired is to create public outreach and obtain information from the community about what we as residents want to see happen in our city.  They take this feedback from residents and create consensus based on data, this information is combined with the current General Plan. The firm  makes recommendations to the city based upon current ordinances, available land and areas that will eventually redevelop as they implement highest and best use recommendations.  As a Development Committee we meet with secondary water companies, there are several different agencies that support Kaysville’s irrigation water and the Central Davis Sewer District, Staff and Council to create updates to the General Plan.  During this process I’ve served on the Planning Commission, and City Council. We’ve held numerous open houses, distributed questionnaires, surveys, held public meetings and reached out through social media to engage our public in this process.  The update to the General  Plan is in draft form, we’ll have several more opportunities for the public to provide feedback before the Updated General Plan is accepted and implemented this December. This process is required in order to know what our city needs in terms of long term infrastructure.

Police / Fire / Emergency Response:

Average response time for West Kaysville residents 8-9 min (due to proximity and road options).  Only 3 out of 10 who call from West Kaysville will receive the timely help they need (this is not just FIRE, this includes EMT/Paramedic services). Although we have 33,000 residents. I support a west side fire station and dedicated paramedics which the city now has. As we make decisions that are right for Kaysville we represent all of Kaysville. Kaysville Police prioritize mental health as we support victims and families that are impacted by crime, and proactively which statistically helps prevent crimes.

Public Works:

While roads are the hot visible issue, the biggest problem is SECONDARY/IRRIGATION WATER!  We keep hearing that Utah is in a drought….because it’s the truth. Secondary / Irrigation water reserves are almost zero. As a community we’re encouraging water conservation through our recent Water ordinance.   It’s up to us to spread the word and become informed water savers.

The city pipes are ductile or iron (brittle and corroded).  Our entire water system will destruct if/when we have an earthquake. We need to budget money to replace piping with durable, flexible options.   This is part of our strategic plan.