Join many of your friends and neighbors in supporting Tami for Mayor.

“Effective leadership requires character, knowledge, and the requisite skill set to accomplish the task at hand. I’ve known Tami Tran, both personally and professionally, for several years, and she possesses these essential qualifications in spades. Her decades of business experience and financial acumen will greatly benefit our community. She supports our first responders and frontline workers, understands the importance of robust infrastructure, and knows well that a well-educated community is a healthy community. More importantly, she understands. how to advance and support these priorities in a fiscally responsible way. But above all, Tami is a person of uncommon character worthy of our confidence and trust. For all these reasons and more, I enthusiastically support Tami Tran for Mayor of Kaysville.”

– Barry C. Toone Founder & President, Step Stone Connect


“Tami has always been a go-getter and a leader. She has always been involved in everything and has 100% service-oriented, but my most favorite thing about Tami is her heart. She does things believes she believes in them and truly wants to help out and make a difference. What more could you want in a leader?  Tami honestly cares about our city of  Kaysville and will help continue it’s strong positive and economic growth and development. Tami has many years of city, council experience big picture thinking and a history of volunteerism that has improved the quality of life in our city. Tami is exactly what our city needs in its top leadership position. Vote with me for Tami Tran for Kaysville Mayor!”

– Stephanie Thatcher, Jefferson Academy Teacher


“Kaysville will be lucky to have Tami as Mayor. I endorse and support her. She’s a great listener and friend. She loves her amily, and serving the city.  She knows how to bring people togehter and bring out the best in people. I love her and she loves Kaysville. She’ll get it done. Please VOTE Tami Tran.”

– Ly Tran


“Hi I’m Dr. Jen DeCou and I’m endorsing Tami Tran for Kaysville City Mayor. As a healthcare worker, I’m very aware of the challenges that we have faced and we continue to face and I know that Tami will hear our concerns and represent us.  I have children that go to school here in Kaysville and I’m converned about them learning traditional American Values. I’m concerned about Government over reach. I think that now more than ever our local leaders are very important. I know that Tami appreciates that and shares my values. She has my Vote!”

– Dr. Jennifer DeCou


“I admire Tami so much for you her willingness to serve teh city of Kaysville. She is an amazing person with a kind heart and a desire to reach out to help a many people as possible. I hope people will recognize what an incredible voice for good she has my vote.”

– Hydee Davis


“I’m Dr. Eldredge. I’m a Kaysville resident, and I  support Tami Tran for Kaysville City Mayor. As a private business owner, I find it important to have a mayor that understands private business. Tami is both a private business owner and a member of the city council. I find this very important and I support Tami Tran. ”

– Dr. Eldredge


“I’ve had the distinct honor of spending the last 2 years on city council with Tami Tran. She would make an exceptional Mayor. 3 reasons why 1: She puts in the time – Tami takes time to study every item on our agenda with exactness. She takes time to visit with the citizens of Kaysville, on the phone, in their homes and yards.  Most importantly she has set aside the time to serve as Mayor. 2: She Listens – Tami is one of the best listerners on council. she listens to all sides before she formualtes her opinion. What a cirtical talent in a good leader and good Mayor. Finally 3: Tami cares about Kaysville. I know she does because I have seen her shed tears for the people. I have seen her appear at fires to hug the families. And I have witnessed her dedication week after week to her role in council. It is with great pleasure that I endorse Tami Tran for the next Mayor of Kaysville.”

– Kaysville City Council Member John Swan Adams


“As Parents of seven children, we believe in small town values. We were excited to move our children from Salt Lake City to Kaysville for those small-town values which we believe Tami Tran will continue as Kaysville City Mayor. We support Tami Tran for Kaysville City Mayor. ”

– Vivian Eldredge


Hi, my name is Deborah Blake. I live on a private street and we had no internet service. I know what you’re thinking, no internet? That was until Tami stepped in. With her hard work and persistence, we now have internet on our street! I know as a mayor she will work hard and get things done. So two thumbs up for Tami!

– Deborah Blake


“Hi, I’m Paul Mann. I’ve known Tami Tran for 11 or 12 years now and one of the things that most impresses me about Tami Tran is her thoughtfulness and kindness towards everybody. She is a great listener and always takes everybody’s interest to heart. She doesn’t only take what she thinks is most important to her or any one single person but listens to the group. She is a great listener and a great person overall. It’s amazing to me how we can go somewhere and no matter where we’re at, she always runs into someone that knows her and speaks very highly of her. She is a great person overall.”

– Paul Mann


“My name is Gardner Crane, I’ve known Tami and her husband Ly for almost 20 years. We were neighbors in East Kaysville for about a decade and for the last decade we’ve lived by them in West Kaysville. Ly and Tami are always known for serving people. We’re really excited about Tami running for Mayor we wish her the best and hope she wins. We know that her intent is pure she just loves the city and has a desire to serve and make a difference and make some adjustments and changes so that Kaysville continues to be a great place for all of us to live to raise children and to hopefully grow old.  We trust her we know that she’s smart and experienced and she’s great with people. There’s no doubt in my mind that she has a desire to listen to everyone hear their opinions and use her good judgment which we trust to make the best decisions for the whole of the citizens of Kaysville. We wish her the best and urge you to get your ballots in early and check Tami Tran for Mayor.”

– Gardner and Crista Crane


“I have known Tami Tran for a long time as well. I appreciate that she has taken an interest in the fact that we want a crossing guard down here at the elementary school with all of the construction traffics happening here. She has definitely shown an interest in helping me get that approved. We would just like to say that we endorse Tami Tran for Kaysville City Mayor. Go Tami! ”

– Mindy Mann


“Hi, we’re Brett and Candice Stringham. We’ve been Kaysville residents for almost 20 years and we have known Ly and Tami Tran for 19 years. As parents of five kids one thing that’s very important for us is a safe and happy community environment. Our principal concerns we feel are the different school areas, roads, sidewalks, and public works projects. As a member of the City Council, Tami has really heard our ideas and concerns on how to make these different things better. Tami has heard our concerns regarding leadership during the pandemic. She’s diplomatic and positive in her approach and never compromises on her values, standards, or objectives. Our family and where we live is so important. We feel like we really have this in common with Tami. That among all of these other reasons we’ve listed is why we are endorsing Tami Tran for the Mayoral election in Kaysville in November 2021. ”

– Brett & Candice Stringham


“I’m Manami Sabin and I’m Iami Sabin and we’ve known Tami Tran since we were teenagers. She has always been one to care about her community and wants to do everything she can to help her community. She has always done her best to help those that she is surrounded by. We live on a private street and we didn’t have very good internet. During COVID it was quite difficult to get homework and other things done because of our bad internet service. Tami helped our street get better internet so now we can do homework with ease without worrying about the internet cutting out and we just know that Tami will make a good mayor because she cares about her community and their needs.”

– Manami and Iami Sabin


“I’m a business owner and lifelong resident of Kaysville. Tami Tran is also a business owner and this brings a unique skill set that qualifies her for Mayor. I feel confident in giving my vote to Tami Tran. I like what she is doing already on city council, and I think she’ll do wonderful things as mayor of Kaysville.”

– Rachel Walker, Gals Garage


“I have known Tami and her family for years. Tami is a very dedicated mother. I’ve always found her to be fair of sound judgment, committed, and focused on her personal and community goals. Tami is willing to listen to people with a clear mind and full heart.”

– John Tupuola


“We believe that no one other than Tami is as qualified as she is to lead our city and who will strive to make Kaysville a better place to live, shop, and recreate.”

-Bill and Teresa Gilvear

“As an elected official, owner of a small business, and member of many organizations, Tami is a proven and prudent leader. She will help Kaysville continue its strong and positive growth and economic development. Tami is a strong leader who will do what is best for Kaysville.”

– Lisa Davis


“Tami has been on the planning commission and on council and she has a great vision for the city and has done so much for us. Last fall during the windstorm our neighborhood was hit hard. We reached out to Tami. She had a listening ear and helped us solve our problems.”

– Dennis and Kendall Bledsoe

  • Representative Stewart Barlow
  • John Swan Adams
  • Dr. Jared and Rose Balmer
  • Rob and Marla Beach
  • Paul and Elizabeth Belnap
  • Kelly and Julianne Bland
  • David Bowman
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  • Justin and Emily Brown
  • Gary Bullock
  • John and Meegan Bunch
  • Todd and Tami Burgon
  • Blaine Butterworth
  • Craig and Leeane Caldwell
  • Jim and Melanie Connell
  • Ron and Margaret Cornelius
  • Gardner and Crista Crane
  • Jon and Brooke Darohn
  • Tiffany and Todd Davis
  • Scott and Heidi Davis
  • Lisa and Brent Davis
  • Dr. Jennifer DeCou and Jared Pusey
  • Nathan and Trisha Dennis
  • John and Rebeca Dennis
  • Tyson and Amanda Devere
  • Brandon and Candace Eichmeier
  • Dave and Jodi Erickson
  • Dr. Nathan and Heather Eldridge
  • Cappy Fechser
  • Reed and Elizabeth Ferrin
  • Lynn Galbraith
  • Jake Garn
  • Wyatt and Annie Germer
  • Bill and Teresa Gilvear
  • Paul and Tanya Grant
  • Joey and Brenda Green
  • Brian and Janneece Hale
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  • Renee and Dale Hansen
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  • Kelley and Angie Martinez
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