My Guiding Principles are:

Relationships, Solutions, Results.


I believe people excel when they do what comes naturally.

Creating, maintaining, and strengthening

Relationships to build camaraderie.

Bringing people together to form Solutions.

Providing Leadership to create outstanding Results.

This is what comes naturally to me.

As I’ve used these talents to serve others I’ve achieved outstanding results that continue to bless my life and those around me…

I trust people who

“say what they mean and mean what they say”

I’m confident you do too.

Good Governance:

I’m committed to conducting myself as a professional at all times while representing the city and in my personal life.

Accessible and Engaged – One of my top priorities is being available to residents. If elected, I promise to make the council accountable. If we agree to do something I will vote that we honor our words. I promise to explain my reasoning for each vote I cast. I promise to vote according to my principles. Additionally, I promise to return every email or voicemail I receive so residents can easily share matters that are important to them.

Economic Development:

My husband and I own several companies. I’m actively involved in the daily operations of each company. I’ve worn many hats during our early years and still have a hand in most of the areas, even though we’ve grown. We have employees working in multiple states from Washington DC, to California. I understand how business works. We’ve built multi-million dollar companies from the ground up and we’ve grown through acquisitions. I understand what it takes to create a viable-sustainable economic environment.

Kaysville is a vibrant, robust community. In order to maintain our outstanding quality of living, we as a city need money to pay for the infrastructure that keeps our children safe, responds to our emergencies and keeps the lights on.


As a business owner, I fully understand the balance of ‘putting the cart before the horse’ as one evaluates needs versus wants and strategically plans for future growth. I’ve learned the hard way how essential it is to have a solid, sound infrastructure in place in order to allow for growth.

Fire / Emergency Response

Average response time for West Kaysville residents 8-9 min (due to proximity and road options).  In fact, only 3 out of 10 who call from West Kaysville will receive the timely help they need (this is not just FIRE, this includes EMT/Paramedic services). Although we have 35,000 residents, we don’t have our own dedicated Paramedic team.

Public Works:

While roads are the hot visible issue, the biggest problem is WATER!  The city pipes are ductile or iron (brittle, and corroding).  Our entire water system will destruct if/when we have an earthquake. We need to budget money to replace piping with durable, flexible options.