I’m “All In” to save the Old Kaysville Library.

During the last several years I’ve learned as much as possible about this building, options for enhancing and supporting our businesses on Main Street and very recently learned about even better options the city has to support businesses, and I’m involved in the Main Street Revisioning Plan.

There are many who don’t care either way about this historic building. Those that do care about preserving it- care deeply. There’s a saying “without a past, you have no future’ I believe this. Our family has history with this building. My Father -in-law registered for the draft there and our children learned to read there. When they were little, we had weekly visits to the library and many fond memories.

You’ve heard the saying “It will take a village”… It will take our village coming together for a common great cause to re-purpose and completely remodel this building. It’s in bad shape and it’s worth saving. I know we can do it and as your Mayor, I’ll lead out and empower the Museum and Preservation Committees with the support they need to get approvals for grants and fundraising efforts.