Tamara was born in Seoul, Korea and immigrated to the United States via adoption. She began her professional career in 1990 working as a mortgage loan processor for First Security Bank while attending BYU. At FSB she specialized in FHA new residential construction loans, learning the ins and outs of federal lending regulations and banking compliance.

Her work in mortgage and residential development led to a successful career as a senior commercial loan officer specializing in multi-million-dollar development lending. She worked for Richards Woodbury and pioneered their in-house pilot lending program, Wardley Financial. Along the way she decided to learn about escrow and title in order to fully understand the real estate and lending industry. She worked for Realty Title managing their Davis County office and served as an escrow agent. Her lending and title experience was key preparation for her ownership of Rylex, a DOD Service Provider.

In 1991 Tamara reapplied for “sponsorship” of her husband,  Ly’s immediate family members from  Vietnam. The applications that were denied previously were finally approved.  She and her husband of one year sponsored the immigration of all seven of his immediate family to the United States, where they continue to reside as naturalized U.S. citizens.

Tamara cofounded Rylex with her husband Ly in 2004 after he came to her with an “idea and a dream.” She embraced this new challenge of creating a company from nothing by writing articles of organization, creating bylaws, licensing, and filing. She immersed herself in research and began learning everything possible about the success and management of a profitable business.

As with all small-business owners, Tamara continues to wear multiple hats at Rylex, where she has been the proposal writer/manager, project manager, HR manager, business developer, compliance officer, the entire accounting department, and much more. Today her primary role as CEO she focuses most of her time interacting with other companies, large and small through Joint Ventures, Teaming and Relationship Building.

Her leadership style is to hire skilled professionals and then stand down, while empowering her managers to do what they do best.

She provides leadership and oversight to make sure deadlines, priorities, and strategic goals are met. She believes in accountability and has mastered the art of diplomacy as she provides critical assessments as well as encouragements to her more than 100 full-time employees working in multiple states across the county.

Her confidence in others’ abilities allows them the flexibility to explore solutions and create outstanding results that customers and employees expect from Rylex and the other companies she and her husband own.

Tamara believes the keys to success in life are rooted in gratitude. Her commitment to “leave every person and situation in better shape than she found them” is echoed by the Rylex project managers and team leads and evident by their excellent examples and service to their customers and fellow employees.

She currently serves as a Planning Commissioner on the Kaysville Planning Commission and serves on the board of directors for the Cambodia Job Foundation, a non-profit organization.  The mission of Cambodia Job Foundation (CJF) is to help disadvantaged Cambodians, especially those age 30 and under, acquire foundational skills to progress economically, become self-reliant, and improve their standard of living. It accomplishes this through focused education and training, mentoring, and assisting to create successful small businesses to provide sustainable income and jobs. is active within many professional organizations and enjoys mentoring other women in business.

She’s an active member of her church and has served in many leadership positions. Her favorite assignments are working with youth and teen programs.

She has taught kickboxing, martial arts, and multiple youth fitness programs. She is a second-degree black belt in Shin-Toshi, Moo Duk Kwan. She and Ly have two children, Ryan and Alexa. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and boating with her family and friends.