My husband and I purchased our first home in Kaysville almost 30 years ago. We lived in East Kaysville for almost 18 years until we outgrew it.  12 years ago, we built our forever home in West Kaysville.

Kaysville needs a Mayor who understands Kaysville.

As a long-term resident having lived on both sides of I-15;  I understand the challenges of living on both sides of the freeway.  Kaysville wants Leadership and Strategic Planning and most importantly Kaysville residents want to feel seen, heard, and equally represented at City Hall.

I will continue to work with staff and the council to present detailed, data-driven, strategic plans that work in Kaysville. The due diligence process should be supported by consensus building, and at the end of the day always be in the best interest of Kaysville residents. During the last several years, we’ve experienced the good, bad, and ugly. We’ve seen self-interest prioritized over what’s good and right for us locally and nationally in politics.

As Mayor I’ll have increased ability to advocate for Kaysville to make sure that we are in front of our State Legislatures, County Commissioners, Communicating with the Utah League of Cities and Towns, engaging with other elected officials, and putting Kaysville first making sure that our city is appropriately represented as federal, state, county funds are allocated. I’ll make sure we balance our city budgets to ensure we preserve our exceptional quality of life.

I’m running for Mayor because I want to leave Kaysville better than I found it.

My Priorities are Your Priorities

Preserve Kaysville’s Quality of Life

My family lives in Kaysville because as residents we’re proud of our community. Our kids were born and raised here and our son and his wife just purchased their home in Kaysville. There’s a confidence and pride that comes from believing our hometown is safe, clean, and a desired place to live.

In Kaysville, we’re known for being a friendly, inclusive, close-knit community. We’re geographically located close to SLC, and close to Northern Utah, which makes Kaysville a convenient place to live. We have biking trails, hiking trails, award winning parks, family businesses and most importantly a sense of belonging. Preserving our traditions is important to us. Kaysville is known for our 4th of July Celebration, our Patriotic Devotional, our exceptional Schools, Nationally recognized Band and Academic excellence. We have Pioneer Heritage which means a shared history of strong-successful families, hard-working, law-abiding citizens who volunteer to help neighbors and participate in church and community events.

We love the reactions we get when we tell people “we’re from Kaysville.” I’m committed to ensuring Kaysville remains the best place to live, work, and play.

Inclusive Leadership & Communication

As Mayor I will change public comment from the end of City Council Meetings to the beginning of City Council Meetings. We’ll have to limit the length of comments and the number of participants, but people shouldn’t have to wait until the very end of these meetings to share their opinions. I’ll create additional opportunities for residents to truly participate with the City with the addition of Focus Groups, Commissions, and Committees to include your voices and expertise as we make decisions to benefit Kaysville. Historic Downtown Preservation Committee, Economic Outreach Committee and Communication Committee to name a few. Some have felt frustrated because the’ve felt under represented and that their voices don’t matter. We all know that it’s impossible to please everyone all the time, but we can include people who want to be involved in discussions and recommendations. In Kaysville we could be better at communicating with our residents and meeting you where you’re at.  We know residents want to know what’s going on with Public Works Projects, Police and Fire, Growth and Development. We want to increase our ability to communicate with you and we need your help.

I firmly believe that Kaysville’s best days are ahead. Our foundation is strong, and the actions we take now will make our future even brighter.

Enhance Smart Economic Development

Economic Development now expands beyond traditional brick and mortar buildings. It includes entrepreneurial online, and home based businesses. I’ve been involved in ordinance changes and policy decisions to simplify licensure and processes to support small businesses.  I currently serve on multiple boards and commissions from the Federal Level to Non-profits, and everything in between. Leveraging relationships within school districts, strategic private/public partnerships, partnering with neighboring communities and thinking outside the brick box opens dialogue and solutions to increase  a  vibrant economy that is important to all of us.   I’d like to see more locally owned restaurants, boutique businesses, and stores in town.  As Mayor my ability to reach out to people who want to open businesses in Kaysville increases.  I’ll have more opportunity to interact with other cities to create relationships with people  to grow our economic base through engagement, outreach, and support.