I’m running for City Council because I want to contribute solutions to the challenges our city faces.

My husband and I moved to Kaysville 25 years ago. Our first home was in Hess Farms. We loved the neighborhood so much; we lived there, 17 years. In 2010 we moved a mile away to West Kaysville and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We’ve raised our children in Kaysville and love being part of our hometown community.

My late mother, an amazing woman taught me the principle of “leaving the room better than I found it.” As I honor her, I strive to make the world a better place by strengthening relationships and contributing to those around me in a positive way.

Kaysville is my home; I want to share my time and talents with the city because I want to make Kaysville better than I found it.



What I Bring to the Table:



In order to be an effective Leader, one must have followers. In order to have followers, one must have relationships. As a current Planning Commissioner, I’ve had the opportunity to create and strengthen relationships within the City. I work with the Community Development Department and my fellow Commissioners twice a month.  I’ve interacted with Chief Oberg, and Chief Erickson as I’ve asked them questions and learned about their departments. I worked with the Parks and Rec Director, Cole Stephens and his team, working on the Christmas drive for Kaysville Gives. As issues come up regarding traffic flow on zoning requests, I’ve reached out to our Public Works Director, Josh Belnap and obtained critical information I’ve needed in order to cast my votes.



I spend a lot of time asking questions, looking for suggestions as to how we can make our city even more efficient and vibrant. The relationships I have with local business owners and businesses outside our boundary are key to creating solutions to the challenges I see of increasing the economic development within our city. As a current planning commissioner, I’ve learned more about infrastructure needs within our city and I’ve suggested solutions to my fellow commissioners which we are working on in order to recommend these to the city council.



I embrace “Begining with the End in Mind.” I’m a big picture leader. I’m an avid goal setter. Desired results are only attainable when they’re identified and a policy or plan is created in order to create objectives. I would like to see Kaysville continue to be a bedroom community with a vibrant tax base that provides the funds necessary to pay for infrastructure that supports our desired lifestyles.

I’m currently serving on the Kaysville Planning Commission as a Planning Commissioner (July 2018-Present).  I enjoy interacting with the community as we make zoning recommendations to City Council. As a Planning Commissioner, I’ve recommended that we look at our zoning ordinances and begin the process of creating new ordinances; as well as adding detail and definition to our current ordinances that are too general and vague.

Last year I was asked by Parks and Rec to assist with the planning and execution of Kaysville’s Non-Profit Organization, ‘Kaysville Gives.” I plan to continue working with Kaysville Gives in the future because it was rewarding and enjoyable to see first hand how generous and strong our community is.