I’m running for Mayor because I want to contribute solutions to the challenges our city faces.

My husband and I moved to Kaysville 30 years ago. Our first home was in Hess Farms. We loved the neighborhood so much; we lived there, 17 years. In 2010 we moved a mile away to West Kaysville and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We’ve raised our children in Kaysville and love being part of our hometown community.

My late mother, an amazing woman taught me the principle of “leaving the room better than I found it.” As I honor her, I strive to make the world a better place by strengthening relationships and contributing to those around me in a positive way.

Kaysville is my home; I want to share my time and talents with the city because I want to make Kaysville better than I found it.

My Priorities:


I want a collaborative Kaysville where everyone has a chance to be heard. We are stronger when we work together.


I strive to look for the best solution possible to every situation. I love hearing from residents their ideas on how to improve Kaysville.


I firmly believe that Kaysville’s best days are ahead. Our foundation is strong, and the actions we take now will make our future even brighter.